Licensing application, Food Service Permits, HACCP plan development

Staff training
(Servsafe certification, Culinary Skills, Food Service Supervision) Operational assessment and the generation of a related training and development program. Custom designed training programs for each individual concept, taking into account, the business/brand personality and culture. Management and leadership development.

Operations analysis /Quality Assurance audits
– 4 part phased survey and analysis to include:

  • Market study
  • Evaluation of Market Position
  • Review of Financial Performance
  • Review of Food Presentation and Service
  • SOP review and recommendations

Food Safety inspections
FSI templates custom tailored for facility, Self inspection implementation and staff training.

Productivity survey
Performance analysis involves gathering formal and informal data to help businesses define and achieve their goals. Performance analysis uncovers several perspectives on a problem or opportunity

Performance analysis reaches every measurable metric available, from sales statements, through to profit and loss statements, comparative statistics or benchmarks, customer feedback platforms, (comment cards, surveys, mystery shopper, etc).