Designing and building a restaurant is time consuming and expensive. But you now have a better choice! Why not let us handle all the design, project management and construction aspects of your project. We will manage and facilitate the bidding process of both general contractor and equipment purchases to ensure that the best qualified and best suited are selected. Not only can we save you time and money with our in house staff of architects and construction experts but we can also assist you in selecting outside resources as well.Plus we can also render your final project in 3D so that you can view a life like rendering of your restaurant before any earth is moved. A 3D rendering has saved many of our clients the expensive costs of multiple change orders and construction delays which in the long and short term saves you money and headaches.
Listed below are just a few of the items you can cross off your to do list when you work with us on your next with your Baltimore restaurant project.

  • Preparation of Bid List of Qualified Contractors
  • Invitation to Bid
  • Schedule Site Pre-bid Inspections
  • Coordinate and Review all Proposals
  • Contractor Interviews
  • Assist in Contract Negotiation
  • Permit / Licenses
  • We can assist architects, contractors, restaurateurs, and developers with the most complicated task and time consuming process of obtaining the following permits/approvals and also consult with various Baltimore city agencies. To find out more about us and how we can help you, give our office a call at +1 (410) 998-3887.